Brewtal Beer Fest 2!

Hey ya'll! Did you miss us?! Well we are back to make sure you are getting your dose of HEAVY from your favorite beer fest! Let's kick it off with some tunes from your BEER [...]

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Well guys and gals! We are at the final day of MAYHEM! This means that we are only TWO DAYS AWAY from the first ever PGH Brewtal Fest! Never has Pittsburgh seen a beer fest [...]

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Mayhem Day 12! Pig Iron Public House!

We have one of our top tier sponsors up next. Let's get to know Pig Iron Public House! Shawn Lang took some time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions. CHECK IT OUT [...]

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Beyond all Porter SHIRTS!

What could make a collaboration better?! SHIRTS! Shirts for the collaboration between Penn Brewery & Greywalker & Maggie's Farm Rum will be available at #PGHBrewtalFest Get your TICKET to get this exclusive shirt!

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Mayhem Day 11! Commonwealth Press!

Commonwealth Press Ya'll learned a bit about CWP early on, so let's dive a little deeper into the mind behind the mask - Dan Rugh. Take it away... How did CWP get started? What was [...]

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Mayhem Day 10! Most Wanted Fine Art!

Most Wanted Fine Art! We featured MWFA a couple weeks ago. Let's get to know them a little better! Take it away! What is MWFA? Most Wanted Fine Art is a for profit art gallery [...]

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