Pittsburgh’s premier punk and metal beer festival!

Brewtal Beer Fest was created by a husband and wife brewing duo, James & Meg Evans, who sought to bring their passions for heavy metal/punk and beer to one event.

Year two coordinating team has expanded to include some people who we felt were mover and shakers in their own right, but also could bring a unique vision to the team and festival.



Photos from Buzzy Torek of Epicast Network

Photos by Let’s Be Animals 

Guest – Brewer – Band Testimonials!

“This probably sounds corny, but honestly the Brewtal Beer fest was one of the best days of my entire life. Seeing all the Brewers, musicians, metal heads, vendors, and service industry folks come together really made me realize that Pittsburgh has a strong, fun, friendly, artistic, talented community that we should all be proud of. Everyone involved seemed to have an amazing time and I can’t wait for next year’s event because I know it’ll will be even bigger and exciting. Even if you aren’t a metal head (which many people who attended the inaugural event weren’t) you are going to have a great time.”
-Evan Thorsen, Greywalker-

“I honestly never had as much fun at a beerfest as I had at Brewtal. And I’m not just saying that because Greywalker threatened me. Oh, and did I mention how much I like Greywalker? Those guys are the best.”

“You can find sex and drugs at pretty much any local beerfest. But Brewtal has rock ‘n’ roll!”
-Steve Ilnicki, Spoonwood Brewing Company-

“This was one of the most well organized festivals that I’ve participated in–easy load-in, welcoming people, delicious food, tons of local beer, great conversations, and METAL! I had a blast! Can’t wait for next year!”
-Kelly Del Greco, Spooky Kelly-

“It’s really hard to sum up in one or two sentences. Everything about Brewtal was so awesome – the in your face metal, the beer, that amazing lightshow, the community of people, the food! It was seriously a kickass time. I won’t miss one!”
-Becky Floyd, Attendee-

“As a beer lover and metalhead, I absolutely loved Brewtal Beer Fest. A good concert is awesome in itself, but when the bands have been working with brewers to create beer to go with the music? That, my friends, is epic. ”
-Ron Gastgeb, Metal head, Beer lover, and Brew the Museum of Beer Volunteer-

“Craft brew enthusiasts and metal heads alike share an immense passion for what they do. To be part of something that marries beer and metal so perfectly feels better than the culmination of holding your new born child, being cured of blindness by divine intervention and burying your arch nemesis alive. I’m not one to wax poetic but Brewtal Beer Fest is the best thing to happen to Pittsburgh since Mario Lemieux was drafted by the Pens. Brewtal looks down on humankind and from its zenith, it smiles, sharing its all consuming warmth with the masses. If you don’t want to be a part of that, then fuck you.”
-Ryan Cunningham, Natural Causes-

“We had a blast creating a new brew with a local brewery, hanging with the other bands, playing the event to a thirsty metal crowd, selling out of beer and making tons of new friends! The Pittsburgh Brewtal Beer Fest truly brings the scene together. We look forward to doing it again, someday!”
-Chris Roy, Vermithrax-

“Brewtal Fest was great! Local beer and local metal bands in one place. Loved the idea of the band-brewery collabs. Fun environment even for volunteers who were working. I look forward to this year’s.”
-Travis Floyd, Attendee/Carson Street Deli-

“The best of local metal and local brew. Brewtal fest is brutally awesome. Mashing brews and moshing metal what more could you ask for?”
-Steven Crist, Penn Brewery-

“If the first year was any indication, Brewtal Beer Fest is quickly turning into a paramount event in Pittsburgh. Bands and Brewers will be lining up to be a part of it, and beer and music lovers will be wondering when they’ll be able to get tickets. Everyone who knew Greywalker was involved keeps asking when the next one will be!”
-Joey Solak, Greywalker-

“At other events, breweries bring a boatload of been-there flagship beers that can be found at any bar with room in the cooler and Top 40 on the juke. At Brewtal, you can expect exclusive beers that will make your tastebuds mosh–the brews last year ran circle pits around normality!”
-Lee Floyd, Attendee-

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