Beyond all Porter SHIRTS!

What could make a collaboration better?! SHIRTS! Shirts for the collaboration between Penn Brewery & Greywalker & Maggie's Farm Rum will be available at #PGHBrewtalFest Get your TICKET to get this exclusive shirt!

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Mayhem Day 11! Commonwealth Press!

Commonwealth Press Ya'll learned a bit about CWP early on, so let's dive a little deeper into the mind behind the mask - Dan Rugh. Take it away... How did CWP get started? What was the inspiration to create a local screen printing company? I was a designer / flash animator working for a web [...]

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Mayhem Day 10! Most Wanted Fine Art!

Most Wanted Fine Art! We featured MWFA a couple weeks ago. Let's get to know them a little better! Take it away! What is MWFA? Most Wanted Fine Art is a for profit art gallery and general contracting business that partners with non profit groups to perform acts of community service. Often called a community [...]

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Mayhem Day 9! Epicast!

Holy Shit! We are SIX days away from #PGHBrewtalFest! This is insane. It's amazing to see an idea turn into well, an actual event. Still doesn't totally feel real, but we're going to have a fucking badass time. Don't sleep on getting tickets! If you show up and there aren't tickets, here is your fair [...]

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Mayhem Day 8! Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network!

Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network Well I promised you a double dose to make up for yesterday, so here it is! Maybe you're doing as we are and tuning into RAW: Hell in a Cell. Or maybe you're jamming to your favorite band. Either way, you're electronically in good company and should certainly take a few [...]

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Mayhem Day 7! Black Forge Coffee House!

Today we are unloading a DOUBLE DOSE of Mayhem! Get ready for this! First up is Black Forge Coffee House in Allentown! BLACK FORGE COFFEE HOUSE If you're looking for a great cup of coffee, some rad local art or a bad ass show, get yourself to Black Forge Coffee House. Nick and Ashley were [...]

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Mayhem Day 6! The Breweries!

So far you've read about FOUR of the many breweries we will have at #PGHBrewtalFest! Now let's take a look at the fest of our amazing brewery lineup! THE BREWERIES Collaborating Breweries: ROCK BOTTOM RESTAURANT & BREWERY Homestead, PA SPOONWOOD BREWING COMPANY Bethal Park, PA EAST END BREWING COMPANY East End, PA PENN BREWERY Troy Hill, PA Partying Breweries: [...]

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Mayhem Day 5! World’s Scariest Police Chases & Rock Bottom

World's Scariest Police Chases  x Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery It should be clear that #PGHBrewtalFest celebrates ALL THINGS heavy, which includes punk fucking rock! We were lucky to work with our friends at Commonwealth Press who suggested we talk to Dan Rock from WSPC. I have said before on many interviews that all of [...]

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Mayhem Day 4! Spoonwood & Vermithrax

Spoonwood Brewing x Vermithrax We are going to keep going with our collaborations! They are an integral part of our fest, so why the hell not?! Spoonwood Brewing based out of Bethal Park teamed up with longtime friends in Vermithrax. They (Vermithrax) has been a driving force in the metal scene here in Pittsburgh and beyond, [...]

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Mayhem Day 3! East Ending Brewing & Natural Causes

East End Brewing x Natural Causes We have another one of our collaborations up! Remember that when you buy your ticket, you'll be able to select your favorite! Read all about that HERE. From Ryan Cunningham: "We have the distinct privilege of collaborating with East End Brewing Company. As a band we really had a [...]

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