MAYHEM Day 2 – Beardly Customs

BEARDLY CUSTOMS It is my honor to introduce ya'll to Beardly Customs and Rick Link - Luthier extraordinaire AKA Master Luthier. If you haven't seen yet, when you buy your ticket to #PGHBrewtalFest you'll be entered to win a bass from Mr. Link. HOW FUCKING COOL IS THAT?! So GET YOUR TICKET! ANYWHO...I asked Rick [...]

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MAYHEM Day 1 – Greywalker & Penn Brewery

GREYWALKER X PENN BREWERY We're going to kick of 13 DAYS OF MAYHEM with a BANG! (For all those DDP lovers, that was for you!) Greywalker teamed up with Penn Brewery and let me tell you, I couldn't be more excited to try this beer. If the video hasn't gotten you excited, please just leave [...]

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13 Days of MAYHEM!

For the next 13 days we're going to let you get to know EVERYONE who is involved with the fest from Bands to Breweries to Vendors and Sponsors! We have so many amazing people involved with the fest, so you won't want to miss a single post! In the mean time GO GET YOUR TICKET! Be part [...]

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Vote For Your Favorite Brewery & Band Collaboration!

Click the Image to GET YOUR TICKETS! Bringing a COMPETITION to #PGHBrewtalFest When you're asked if you want custom WWE style belts for your festival, the correct answer is always YES! YES! YES! James Matthew (of Bar-Jutsu) asked that very question and we gave him that very answer. Now, what to do with these [...]

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TICKETS, TICKETS! GET YOUR TICKETS! General Ticket Sales have officially started!  You'll notice that the prices are different than what reflected previously. I'd like to explain why. We learned SO MUCH during the kickstarter. It was to be expected with this being our first year and all. These things could only be learned through experience. I'm [...]

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Note from the Beast! Most Wanted Fine Art

Update & News! As we are nearing the end of the Kickstarter, PGH Brewtal Fest! is still set to go off without a hitch on November 6th! If the kickstarter is not successful, we will open general ticket sales on October 5th. Stay tuned for those details as we do our last push to sell [...]

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PGH Brewtal Fest! in the News

Click here for tickets! We've been SOOO busy promoting this Kickstarter and it's catching a buzz within the media - locally & nationally. There's been a mix of podcasts, videos and articles that we wanted to share with you! Podcasts: Start the Beat with Sikes! A Podcast about Life, Love and the Pursuit of [...]

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DON'T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO GET YOUR TICKETS! Here's our quick list why you shouldn't wait to get your tickets through KICKSTARTER: 1.) Weekly Drawings! Each week we are announcing a NEW drawing. Every time you put ANY money toward our campaign, you'll be entered to win. Even if you get your ticket, [...]

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Note From the Beast! – Pig Iron Public House

GET YOUR TICKETS NOW! Have you gotten your ticket yet?! Help us hit our goal by going to KICKSTARTER and selecting the reward of your choice!     We're back at this week! I'm here to talk to you minions about one of our most venomously rad sponsors, Pig Iron Public House. The Lang [...]

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Note from the Beast! – Commonwealth Press

Have you gotten your ticket yet to PGH BREWTAL FEST?! If not, head on over to our Kickstarter and GET YOURS TODAY! It's pretty simple, buy your ticket, get a ticket AND some amazing rewards from all of our friends! Alright, now to the good stuff! This idea was just an idea for a long [...]

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