Kickstarter is LIVE!


Here’s our quick list why you shouldn’t wait to get your tickets through KICKSTARTER:

1.) Weekly Drawings!

Each week we are announcing a NEW drawing. Every time you put ANY money toward our campaign, you’ll be entered to win. Even if you get your ticket, you can still put as little as $10 toward the campaign for a chance to win some rad stuff like $100 worth of merchandise from our headliner, brewer for a day with TWO breweries and meet & greets. Every dollar is another step closer toward making this festival a reality.

2.) Exclusive Rewards!

That’s right! We have commissioned some of our friends and other great companies to provide rewards for YOU. These will only be found through our kickstarter.

3.) Band – Brewery Collaborations!

PGH Brewtal Fest! is all about merging two amazing communities of creative people. These creative folks will be crafting, brewing & serving their concoctions at THIS FEST! It’s a chance to get to know the faces behind the mash paddle and half stack in their natural habitat. Check back when we announce all the collaboration details!


YES! The awesome giveaways are not stopping at the weekly level. Our good friend &  luthier Rick Link of Beardly Customs has offered to give away one of his Hand-Craft basses! Every time you donate at the $20 level and higher you will get a chance to win it! (I totally get it, I’m screaming like a little 5 year old girl too).

5.) Kissing Babies & Making Dreams Come True!

Okay okay… We probably won’t be kissing babies… But that’s another post. My husband and I have wanted to see something like this come to fruition for a while. Your contribution to our kickstarter will ensure that we can walk into the festival with all the funds we need to make this a success. Of course, this festival will still go on. We have secured our venue, bands & breweries; so all systems are a go. However, we know this is going to be a rad festival. We know everyone who will be there is going to have a blast. What I’m trying to say is get your tickets early so we don’t go broke making this rad event happen. We will…just don’t make us! 😉

6.) This is the start of something great! Be Part of the FIRST!

I can’t stress enough that we can confidently assure you that this is going to be a super fun event. Put rad people together with some delicious beer and something is bound to happen. Given that this is our first go at this festival, we are taking every thing we’ve learned and putting that knowledge toward the NEXT ONE! Trust me, I can already see a killer future. However, be part of the FIRST! Be part of all of our hard work, sweat & beers that are going into this one.

7.) Our Vendors!

The moment we started talking about this festival with friends, we had so many people who wanted to be involved. It was a little overwhelming, but also motivating. Well, these friends of ours have some great businesses and will be on site. Check out the list on our SPONSOR page. We are still coordinating with others who will be on site, stay tuned for them to be announced!

8.) This Video!

You should have all the answers you need from THIS VIDEO to know why you should get your tickets ASAP! Corpse Paint really proves how much dedication you can have to something.

9.) Child Bite!

If you haven’t heard Child Bite, I suggest you do that meow. You can do so HERE. When I first saw them, I was blown away. They have this sound that is totally unique to them that brings chaotic elements and previously described as “enormous and predatory.” Shawn Knight has such a rad voice and presence on stage accompanied by incredibly talented Sean Clancy (Bass), Brandon Sczomak (Guitar) and Jeff Kraus (Drums). If this’ll be your first time seeing them, you won’t be disappointed. Check out a live video!

10.) This Guy!

We’ll end this on a high note. This is our rad pup, Bruce Wayne. If he hasn’t inspired you to get your ticket now, I’m not sure what will. We have some fun, rad bands lined up along with some great local breweries. Help us make this first PGH Brewtal Fest! one to remember!