We’re going to kick of 13 DAYS OF MAYHEM with a BANG! (For all those DDP lovers, that was for you!) Greywalker teamed up with Penn Brewery and let me tell you, I couldn’t be more excited to try this beer. If the video hasn’t gotten you excited, please just leave the room now.

From Evan Thorsen:
“…We brewed what Nick Rosich called a “multi-ethnic Porter.” There’s American hops, British malt, and it’s been lagered in the traditional German style. We also teamed up with Maggie’s Farm Rum to make a vanilla extract using their Airline ovenproof rum with fresh vanilla bean from the Pittsburgh Spice Company. We infused the rum ourselves and it’s going to be added to the brew Monday. All and all, it’s basically a Vanilla Porter that we call “Beyond All Porter” as a reference to our last album. We came up with most of the idea just hanging out with Nick and discussing what we all enjoy. Some of us are a little more picky than other when it comes to beer, so the Porter was just something we all agreed upon. Maggie’s Farm came into play because we wanted something extra special to really set our beer off, and also so that we could collaborate with another amazing product from Pittsburgh. I had gotten to know Tim Russell, the owner, from when I bartender at Bar Marco a few years back. From my years bartending I’ve learned a few cool tricks, including making extracts using over proofed alcohol. Maggie’s Farm Rum already has incredible flavors including vanilla notes, so Vanilla Rum Porter seemed like a delicious idea. After talking with Tim and explaining our idea he was on board. The rest is history.”

Greywalker is a melodic death metal band hailing from STEEL CITY! Members include Brian Howe AKA Sikes (Vocals), Evan Thorsen (Guitar), Ricky Zimmerman (Guitar), Colt Dalmaso (Bass) and Joey Solak (Drums).

Penn Brewery is lead by the mastermind, Nick Rosich. Nick began his professional brewing career with Penn Brewery in 2005. “Penn Brewery began brewing craft beer back in 1986, making us one of the earliest pioneers in the American craft movement.  We started out brewing classic lagers and German beer styles, adhering to the strict quality standards of the 16th-century Bavarian Reinheitsgebot purity laws.” Though their repertoire still include many of these traditional styles, you will find many experimental varieties to choose from. Hello, Gin Barrel Aged IPA?!

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PSA: Designated Driver Tickets are available for the nominal amount of $20. This includes a meal voucher, non-alcoholic beverages and of course HEAVY METAL!