Commonwealth Press

Ya’ll learned a bit about CWP early on, so let’s dive a little deeper into the mind behind the mask – Dan Rugh. Take it away…

How did CWP get started? What was the inspiration to create a local screen printing company?
I was a designer / flash animator working for a web design firm out of Virginia who had sent me to Duquesne for my masters degree – the company went under and I started my own design company – mostly web development.

Most of my friends were in bands and they needed shirts – I was designing most of them so I figured the next step was to print them as well. Pulled together a small press and set up shop on my basement.

You always seem up to something new and interesting. Do you have a favorite memory?
I have a ton but the one that really speaks volumes is the time someone threw a brick thru our window and we decided to auction it off – it went viral and we ended up raising over 2 grand – fixed the window and then donated the rest to Pittsburgh Action Against Rape – a charity that is on our same block.

oh – and the beer barge. the first one especially.

Color or B&W?

Do you have a favorite project?
When we got to create, market, and distribute our own beer CWP ALE

Vans or Adidas?

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve been asked you screen print or screen print on?

Favorite beer?
thats a loaded question in a city full of killer options

Any final thoughts, words of wisdom or general nonsense?

There you have it! Get your tickets! Come hang out with these fine folks! Buy their merch!