We have one of our top tier sponsors up next. Let’s get to know Pig Iron Public House! Shawn Lang took some time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions. CHECK IT OUT BELOW!

Pig Iron Public House

What was the inspiration to start Pig Iron?
We are very passionate about craft beer and locally sourced food. When we were looking to come back into the Pittsburgh market we realized that there were not any places focusing on local craft beers in the suburbs. People want to try to local breweries but just don’t have the time to make it to all the breweries, so we wanted to create a place that was a hub for craft beer lovers. You can come in and try 10 or more local breweries in one stop and then choose which one you want to visit based on one stop.

Your family is no stranger to the restaurant business, but how did you get started?
We have been working in the restaurant industry our entire life. My father was a manager at the Strip District Primanti Brothers in the 80s. We would come in when we were young to cut fries and mix slaw, so it has been in our blood from an early age. I started officially working at Primantis in Oakland when i turned 16 and was a manager there for over 7 years. Tony was also a manager there for multiple years and Matt worked there for a year. We had an opportunity to open our own place near IUP in 2008 and we opened a Pittsburgh Style Sandwich shop named “Steel City Samiches” In 2012 we acquired the 4000 sq ft space next to us and opened a sports bar/nightclub named “Twisted Jimmy’s” We started exploring the idea of opening a location closer to Pittsburgh in early 2015 and in October 2015 we opened “Pig Iron Public House”

What is the significance of having 66 taps?
The reason we have 66 beers on tap is because around 60 beers seems to be a sweet spot of having enough taps to feature a bunch of local breweries but not too many so that we would have beers sitting around and not selling. Once we realized we wanted to be in the 60 range we chose 66 because we are huge hockey fans and wanted to pay a little tribute to Mario Lemieux.

Tell us about your house beer – Local 66.
North Country Brewery approached us about making a beer shortly after we opened. We had kicked around the idea of a house beer but we didn’t want to just rebrand a beer from a local brewery. So when we met with North Country we explained this and they were more than happy to make a beer exclusively for us. Their Firehouse Red has been a top seller for us since day one so we decided to use that as a base for our house beer. We asked them if they could alter the Firehouse Red into a Red IPA. The resulting beer was named Local 66.It has 6.6% ABV. The color and body will be the same as the Fire House Red. It contains 8 different malts and 6 different hops with 6 additions. The hops are: Mosaic, Equinox, Centennial, Cascade, Amarillo, and Warrior. All citrusy and floral hops.

Your food is amazing. Did you have any inspirations to go off of when creating the lineup?
We wanted to create a “Public House” style menu, which is basically pub food with a twist. We have all of your favorite bar food except we try to incorporate local beer and liquors into our sauces and recipes as much as possible.

What’s next for Pig Iron?
We are planning to expand the Pig Iron concept in the near future. We have signed a lease for our next location and will make a public announcement as we near opening date. We are also working on a food truck so that we can play a bigger role in the beer fests around the area.

Favorite Beer?
If i had to pick one beer as my favorite i would probably pick Camp Slap from Grist House. I may be bit biased though, since I grew up in Millvale so any beer brewed in Millvale gets a few bonus points to start.

Bottle or Can?
I’m a big fan of cans. The bigger the cans the better. Which is also why we have a crowler machine at both or our locations.

Packaged or Draught?
I prefer draught beer but it also depends on where i am. If I’m at a place that i know cares about beer and cleans their lines properly ill go for draught. If its a place I’m not sure about i’ll go for a can.

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