It is my honor to introduce ya’ll to Beardly Customs and Rick Link – Luthier extraordinaire AKA Master Luthier. If you haven’t seen yet, when you buy your ticket to #PGHBrewtalFest you’ll be entered to win a bass from Mr. Link. HOW FUCKING COOL IS THAT?! So GET YOUR TICKET!

ANYWHO…I asked Rick several questions and he was  kind enough to put down the Trump Sign (*Wink*) to answer them.

Favorite music to play?
Mostly metal, but i try to be a very diverse bassist with everything i play.

Favorite music to build to?
Actually, i build to silence. I never have music playing because i am in my basement and i need to hear if my dogs do anything of if anyone knocks on my door.

How long have you played bass?
23 years.

What made you interested in building your own basses & guitars?
I wanted to have my very own custom bass, but never had the money for it, so i figured out how to do i on my own.

How long have you been a luthier?
It’ll be 6 years in December.

What is your favorite wood to work with?
Walnut and figured maple are my favorites.

Fretted or Fretless?
Fretless, more of a challenge.

What pick-ups to you prefer?
Nordstrands are my go to right now.

Coolest moment in your career as a luthier or musician.
Meeting and hanging out with my personal hero, Carl Thompson.

What’s next for Beardly Customs?
Just staying busy and keep building awesome instruments.

How can people get in touch to get a custom bass or guitar?
Email me at, message me on FB and/or IG.

Last words of wisdom/thoughts/jokes/etc..
keep an open mind, think outside of the box, and Meg Evans fucking loves Donald Trump!! (no I don’t!)

Okay folks, there you have it! Come to #PGHBrewtalFest, get crazy, talk to Rick & GET BREWTAL!