East End Brewing x Natural Causes

We have another one of our collaborations up! Remember that when you buy your ticket, you’ll be able to select your favorite! Read all about that HERE.

From Ryan Cunningham:

“We have the distinct privilege of collaborating with East End Brewing Company. As a band we really had a hard time thinking of a cool beer idea. We mostly drink Genesee Cream Ale and smash the cans on our heads. Luckily, our lead guitarist, CMG, knows a thing or two about drinking delicious craft brews and he said unto us “Hey, East End has a seasonal brew called Snow Melt. They usually release it around the time of Brewtal. Maybe we could call it ‘Snow Melt Your Face Off’?” One sloppy portmanteau later and we knew we had something special. All we had to do was float the idea to East End and we would go down in the annals of Brewtal History. We headed to East End with a metal baby in tow and proceeded with the pitch. Needless to say the meeting went swimmingly. It just so happened, that East End had some Snow Melt that was aged in Bourbon Barrels. If that wasn’t enough they decided to dose the brew with a little something special to really get the people going at Brewtal … ecstacy. Just kidding. Maybe? Anyway, East End is bringing the Snow and we’re going to Melt Your Faces Off. All we need is the fine attendees of Brewtal to bring their dancing shoes, so they can throw down and work up a thirst.

Natural Causes is a Metalcore band with a taste for the old school from Pittsburgh. Members include Michael “Wally” Walrond (vocals), Jed Blazanin (drums), Chris “CMG” Marasti-Georg (guitar), Ryan Cunningham (guitar), and Steve McNutt (bass).”

Scott Smith adds:

“…the pepper dosing is a lock, as we’ve tried this method out with our cream ale (coincidentally enough!) on a few kegs. We’re really happy with the results.  

And for SMYFO, we’ll likely need to up the dosage rate on the infusion a bit to properly live up to the name.

East End Brewing opened its doors in 2004 and have been a pioneer for Craft Beer in Pittsburgh since its inception.