Spoonwood Brewing x Vermithrax

We are going to keep going with our collaborations! They are an integral part of our fest, so why the hell not?!

Spoonwood Brewing based out of Bethal Park teamed up with longtime friends in Vermithrax. They (Vermithrax) has been a driving force in the metal scene here in Pittsburgh and beyond, so it was no surprise when someone swooped in to work with them. Check out what they have in store!

Chris Roy:

“Sweet and Innocent Blood-Oranges squeezed and baptized in a fire-bed of hops and barley malt fermented to perfection and served ice cold. Vermithrax’s first signature brew, Dragon Breath seems sweet at first but will bite you every time!”

Steve Ilnicki:

“Pretty much, we really dig the band, and we were excited for the opportunity to collaborate on a beer. They have a bit of a Testament thing going on, and we love old thrash metal. Plus, I know Jere “J.R.” from way back when I was a teenager dicking around in garage bands, and he was doing Future Tense and Mercenary. He was by far the best drummer I had ever heard up close, and then he goes and pulls a Dave Grohl and switches to guitar and vocals. I think he was visited by aliens. Anyway, regarding the beer, we’ve done collaborations with other brewers, and those projects all tend to follow a very typical process. For this, we really wanted to play more of a supporting role and let the band follow their vision. So we’ll be bringing to the fest a pretty crushable, pale, wheat-heavy ale with moderate heat from various chiles and a slightly sweet orange finish.”

For clarification Jere “JR” plays drums for Vermithrax, Icarus Witch and Invid. He played guitar for Bird of Prey and Nunslaughter.

As you can see there is a deep appreciation for metal on so many levels and it sounds like these guys really let Vermithrax take their vision and fly! So, go get your TICKET to #PGHBrewtalFest and check out what these guys really have in store.