World’s Scariest Police Chases  x Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery

It should be clear that #PGHBrewtalFest celebrates ALL THINGS heavy, which includes punk fucking rock! We were lucky to work with our friends at Commonwealth Press who suggested we talk to Dan Rock from WSPC. I have said before on many interviews that all of our collaborations came together really naturally and with ease. This one was no different. I (Meg Evans) listened to their music – loved it. WSPC was pitched a beer idea – they loved it!

Dan Rock:
“…from day one worlds scariest police chases has been a band about one thing, malt liquor. its why we get up in the morning, its what helps get us through our day, and its how we unwind at night. malt liquor is our muse when we have writers block, and its our mediator when we are at each others throats. what would police chases be without malt liquor you ask? its entirely hypothetical as that’s not a world any of us wish to explore but I imagine we’d be about as punk as avril lavigne, as cool as creed.”

Meg Evans:
“I have done A LOT of collaborations. In their own way each one allows you to push your creative boundaries to new heights. This one, by far is at the top of my list of favorites. The moment I pitched Dan with the idea to do a Malt Liquor, they were on board. This was also before I knew they had made labels that looked like Old English labels, but it had their band name on them! 

In so many ways, the music I listen to inspires ideas for beers and this was the first one where I was able to put into action an inspiration. Not to mention, hanging out with these guys was beyond rad. When we went into this fest, we knew there were so many overlapping qualities to each of our crafts, but being able to spend the day with people like this really opens your eyes to how similar we are. I don’t mean it to sound too ‘come to jesus – like’. Simply, this fest is doing more than just creating an event where we serve beer and have bands play. We are building relationships within multiple communities and that’s fucking chill.”

There you have it! Go buy your tickets and skank your little heart out!