Today we are unloading a DOUBLE DOSE of Mayhem! Get ready for this! First up is Black Forge Coffee House in Allentown!


If you’re looking for a great cup of coffee, some rad local art or a bad ass show, get yourself to Black Forge Coffee House. Nick and Ashley were kind enough to answer my questions about their shop! Check it out and BUY YOUR TICKET. They will be at #PGHBrewtalFest pouring coffee and some of their collaborations. They did a couple specialty adult beverages with Apis Mead & Winery and Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery.

Who is Black Forge?
Black Forge is an independent metal cafe located in a small neighborhood of Pittsburgh called Allentown. We focus on a dark ambient atmosphere, local products, great traditional & non-traditional coffee drinks and live entertainment daily.
How did a METAL coffee shop become an idea?

It started with two best friends who met at a metal show. One working in the music industry and side hustling the barista life and the other a musician and working the mixologist game. Endless years of thinking what would be our next move and then (insert metal guitar solo here) the idea of Black Forge for birthed.

Black or C&S?
Ashley: Black!
Nick: Honey and coconut oil

Do you have a favorite memory from working & owning Black Forge?
Nick: Every time a nationally touring band tells us that our cafe is their favorite place to play and that they hope to only play at Black Forge when they come to Pittsburgh.

Ashley: When people tell us that Black Forge is the only place they have ever been to like this. We get a variety of people come through here like our typical metal heads, college kids, suburban moms, politicians the list goes on and they all genuinely appreciate who we are, what we’re doing and keep coming back to support.

You host artists. Who is currently hanging? How can someone get their art at Black Forge?
Steve Pierce is hanging on our walls currently. If anyone is interested in displaying their artwork, just contact us with some samples of your artwork. If you’re a regular or you come recommended it might help get your stuff up sooner.Shots or Drip?
Nick: Drip
Ashley: Drip

How can someone get a hold you to book a show or tell you how awesome ya’ll are?
If you want to book a show, e-mail us at BlackForgeCoffee@gmail.comWe will do our best to work with you and make your show happen.

If you want to tell us how awesome we are, do it in person at the coffee house. We’re still very much a small independent company and we can use all the business that we can get, plus we give great high fives!

You have a lot of shows at Black Forge, but not your typical acoustic stuff. Was the initial intention to be a performance space?
Yes, it was! Our original intention was to open a full on venue space, bar and all, but that was way too expensive and risky to do for our first business venture. Since we both loved coffee we decided that we could still host a venue space as a coffee house with none of the restrictions of having a liquor license. It was also a business strategy because we knew we needed to make Black Forge a destination within the city or else we would have a very hard time attracting customers.

Any last comments – motivational bullshit – etc…?
Go buy your ticket for the Pittsburgh Brewtal Beer Festival! We’ll be there handing out Scarecrow – the Rock Bottom/Black Forge beer collaboration AND we’ll have some of the Apis Mead/ Black Forge collaboration. Don’t miss your chance to try it! Oh! We teamed up with Mega Cat Studios and created a Sega Game about aliens trying to steal the planets metal musicians. It comes outNov. 4th. The release party is at Looking For Group PGH at 7pm, come play video games and celebrate with us!

Stay metal, support local and drink more coffee!

Join them THIS FRIDAY November 4th for the release of their VIDEO GAME. You heard me right! CLICK HERE for more details (or click the image below).


Alright folks! You heard ’em! Go GET YOUR DAMN TICKETS! Party it up with some rad people!