Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network

Well I promised you a double dose to make up for yesterday, so here it is! Maybe you’re doing as we are and tuning into RAW: Hell in a Cell. Or maybe you’re jamming to your favorite band. Either way, you’re electronically in good company and should certainly take a few minutes to check out what Jason Cercone has going on with Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network.

What is Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network?
The Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network is a community that connects beer enthusiasts to events, destinations, and other beer and spirits enthusiasts all across our region. Through our blog Breaking Brews, mobile app PCBN Connect, and social media platforms, the goal is to give bars, breweries, and all libations entities a viable platform to promote their businesses and give enthusiasts a one-stop-shop for news, information, education, and entertainment. The goal from Day One has been to be the premier voice of craft beer in Pittsburgh and connect as many people and businesses as possible to the scene.

What gave you the inspiration to create such a network?
It started with Breaking Brews in 2014, which was a blog designed to advocate for the craft beer movement and provide education that helped beer drinkers transition from macro beers to craft beers. There are many people who simply aren’t aware of the incredible selection of beers at their disposal and I want Breaking Brews to be a resource that introduces them to these products. These efforts morphed into the Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network as I discovered we were lacking a unified platform for enthusiasts to discover information about events, venues, new bar and brewery openings, releases, and happenings in the beer community. PCBN is constantly evolving and I never stop looking for ways to improve and make it better.

You work with a lot of breweries, what is one of your favorite aspects of having such a diverse portfolio?
Without question, my favorite aspect is getting to work with so many awesome people in this industry. Pittsburgh’s beer community is filled with hundreds of hard-working men and women and having the opportunity to represent their brands through PCBN is an honor. They make some kick-ass beer on a daily basis and I make it my personal mission to shine a spotlight on their efforts and point enthusiasts towards their products.

What’s your favorite memory from working as PCBN?
My favorite aspect actually happened a couple weeks ago when Breaking Brews was recognized as one of the Top 100 Beer Blogs on the Internet. It was validation that two-and-a-half years of hard work was absolutely worth it. I owe all the thanks to the PCBN/Breaking Brews community for reading, commenting, sharing, and making this network what it is today.

Favorite Beer?
It’s a toss-up between the one I just finished and the one I’m currently drinking.

Written or Audio?
I could go either way on this one. I enjoy reading while relaxing with a beer, but enjoy consuming podcasts while in the car.

What’s next for PCBN?
My goal is to continue to build on the positive momentum 2016 has brought for PCBN and Breaking Brews by doing more videos and introducing new feature stories to the Network. I’m also looking forward to continuing the growth of this platform and welcoming more craft beer and spirits destinations to the PCBN family.

And, of course, I’m looking forward to MC’ing Brewtal and getting my face melted off by a full day of metal music.

How can people get in touch with you?
Visit www.breakingbrews.com, Like the Pittsburgh Craft Beer Network Facebook Page, and check us out on Twitter @pghcbn and Instagram @pittcraftbeernetwork. You can also subscribe to our podcast “Over a Couple of Beers” on iTunes and Stitcher. 

Any final thoughts, inspirational ideas or just general nonsense? 
Always drink responsibly. Because the life you save could be mine. I think that covers me for all three of those items.

Well babes, there you have it! Check out all the great podcasts and articles that PCBN has to offer, then go ahead and get your tickets! SEE YOU IN ONE FUCKING WEEK!