Holy Shit! We are SIX days away from #PGHBrewtalFest! This is insane. It’s amazing to see an idea turn into well, an actual event. Still doesn’t totally feel real, but we’re going to have a fucking badass time. Don’t sleep on getting tickets! If you show up and there aren’t tickets, here is your fair warning! We have so much great stuff going on at the fest, but you have the chance to win a fucking BASS from Beardly Customs. That alone is a rad incentive. ANYWHO… Let’s catch up with another one of our amazing sponsors, EPICAST! When I met these guys, I don’t think I knew what was in store. I can tell you that their motivation to make great things happen is contagious and I feel really honored to have met them.


What’s Epicast all about & how’d it all start?
It’s about putting a spotlight on the talent that lives here in Pittsburgh. We originally set out to be a comedy focused podcast. Throughout our journey, we met a lot of interesting individuals that wanted to work with us and produce content. We realized we had an opportunity to give Pittsburgh entertainers, creatives, and entrepreneurs a platform to be heard.

What’s your favorite Podcast – That you host with Epicast and outside of Epicast?
Nick: Outside the network – Bertcast. Inside the network: I love all my children equally.
Buzzy: Inside the network, I find myself looking forward to Does This Hold Up the most, outside of it, I’m a big fan of The Duncan Trussell Family Hour

So, you guys know your equipment. What’s the coolest piece that people might not even know about?
Looking For Group. @LFGPGH is a coop for gamers. They stock modern systems, multiple gaming stations, capable of live streaming to twitch, youtube, Facebook and it’s cheap. You pay by the hour, like Games N At. They’re doing a cool thing to help further gaming culture.

You guys host TWO of the best Podcasts in Pittsburgh. What kind of work do you do with these podcasts?
With Drinking Partners, Primarily engineering and production. With Marta, we just provide support. She was good long before we got involved. They all work as hard as we do on their individual show we just help get eyes and ears on them.

Epicast has an extensive service list. Do you work with anyone else to make Epicast the BA company that it is?
A ton of people! We know a TON of incredibly talented individuals and company’s and we try to work with them as often as possible. @workhardpgh, @Thebeardyboy, @domshuck, @newsunrisingpgh , – just a few crews that have done tons for us. (Go find and follow all these folks!)

Video or Audio?
Nick: trick question. Lemmy *IS* God.
Buzzy: I like turtles.

Well there you have it! Buy your tickets, hang out with the crew from Epicast and LET’S FUCKING PARTY!