Update & News!

As we are nearing the end of the Kickstarter, PGH Brewtal Fest! is still set to go off without a hitch on November 6th! If the kickstarter is not successful, we will open general ticket sales on October 5th. Stay tuned for those details as we do our last push to sell tickets through kickstarter!

With that being said, there are many things we’ve learned in the short time that the kickstarter has been active. These things will be taken into consideration going forward. However, one aspect of the festival that we haven’t addressed yet was charity. We went into this whole idea knowing that we wanted to align ourselves with a charity(ies), but we were hesitant to get anyone involved because we didn’t want to short change anyone at the end of the day. This is where Most Wanted Fine Art comes into play for us!

Most Wanted Fine Art

Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery has had a relationship with MWFA for the last few years, so we can personally attest that Jason and Nina are two of the most badass, hardworking people out there. MWFA “…is a for profit art gallery and general contracting business that partners with non profit groups to perform acts of community service. Often called a community service organization disguised as an art gallery, MWFA has been open since 2007.” Read more about them HERE. I’ve never seen two people be so innovative and active within a community like them.

If they aren’t coordinating their extensive artist residency, you might find them at a demolition derby or putting on top notch community art events. They always have their gallery full and you can find all the details of their efforts HERE.

We want to support MWFA by donating the money raised through the “additional drink tickets” at the fest. If you haven’t seen how the fest works, we are using a ticket system. When you buy your General Admission ticket or a VIP ticket you get 20 drink tickets. These are redeemable at the festival in the following form:
1 Ticket = 2 oz pour
4 Tickets = 8 oz pour

So.. 40 ounces INCLUDED in your ticket price!

We will have additional drink tickets available for purchase at the event! Prices as follow:
4 Tickets = $4
8 Tickets = $6

It’s a pretty simple idea and this’ll allow us to donate a portion of our proceeds to the awesome stuff MWFA does!