Mayhem Day 4! Spoonwood & Vermithrax

Spoonwood Brewing x Vermithrax We are going to keep going with our collaborations! They are an integral part of our fest, so why the hell not?! Spoonwood Brewing based out of Bethal Park teamed up [...]

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Mayhem Day 3! East Ending Brewing & Natural Causes

East End Brewing x Natural Causes We have another one of our collaborations up! Remember that when you buy your ticket, you'll be able to select your favorite! Read all about that HERE. From Ryan [...]

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MAYHEM Day 2 – Beardly Customs

BEARDLY CUSTOMS It is my honor to introduce ya'll to Beardly Customs and Rick Link - Luthier extraordinaire AKA Master Luthier. If you haven't seen yet, when you buy your ticket to #PGHBrewtalFest you'll be [...]

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MAYHEM Day 1 – Greywalker & Penn Brewery

GREYWALKER X PENN BREWERY We're going to kick of 13 DAYS OF MAYHEM with a BANG! (For all those DDP lovers, that was for you!) Greywalker teamed up with Penn Brewery and let me tell [...]

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13 Days of MAYHEM!

For the next 13 days we're going to let you get to know EVERYONE who is involved with the fest from Bands to Breweries to Vendors and Sponsors! We have so many amazing people involved with [...]

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Vote For Your Favorite Brewery & Band Collaboration!

Click the Image to GET YOUR TICKETS! Bringing a COMPETITION to #PGHBrewtalFest When you're asked if you want custom WWE style belts for your festival, the correct answer is always YES! YES! YES! James [...]

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