Please fill out the form below if you would like to help BBF2! More details about volunteering can be found below the form!

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Thank you for considering to be a volunteer! We immensely appreciate all the help we can get throughout the day.


Here’s what you can expect throughout the day:

1st Shift: Your role will primarily be setting up for the festival. You’ll help get brewery representatives or band members where they need to go before the mayhem starts.

2nd Shift: Your role will include making sure bands and brewery representatives have what they need throughout the day, as well as helping guests with any concerns.

3rd Shift: Your role will include primarily tear down. You’ll help clean up any tables or other items that might need to go with the coordinators. If any guest has a question, you will be their go-to. Same goes for any brewery representative or band member.

As a volunteer, you will report to the coordinator on duty. Once we receive your form, you will have a physical form to be filled out before the festival.


  • Shirt – We have VOLUNTEER shirts that will be given to you as a keepsake
  • Food – We will ensure that you are fed during, before, or after your shift.
  • Beer OF COURSE – You will receive a festival cup and 20 beer tickets. You may PURCHASE additional beer tickets at one of the merchandise booths.
  • First DIBS on volunteering next year.

BBF and it’s coordinators reserve the right to choose who can and cannot volunteer for any reason. This festival is all about having fun, however it is a PRIVILEGE to drink during, before, and after your shift. If you are found abusing this privilege, you will be asked to leave immediately. You will not be allowed to volunteer again. We want our guests AND volunteers to be safe. There is no special treatment offered to you as a volunteer. Please be respectful of the work put into making this event a success and we will give you all the respect as someone who is helping US!