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Bringing a COMPETITION to #PGHBrewtalFest


When you’re asked if you want custom WWE style belts for your festival, the correct answer is always YES! YES! YES! James Matthew (of Bar-Jutsu) asked that very question and we gave him that very answer.

Now, what to do with these belts?! I mean, competition is healthy, right? Competition can be fun, right?! YES! YES! YES!

Here’s the competition:

Four local breweries have teamed up with four local bands to create FOUR unique collaborations FOR THIS FEST! When you buy your ticket (HERE) you’ll have the chance to vote for your favorite AT THE FEST! The brewery & band who wins will each get their own belt to REP at their brewery, practice space, concerts, grandma’s house, college graduation (because, fuck your accomplishments. The only accomplishment that matters is WINNING THIS FUCKING BELT!) and the list goes on!

Don’t sleep on this or you’ll miss out on SO MANY awesome things happening at this festival. It’s the 1st here in Pittsburgh and I know you want to be part OF THE FIRST #PGHBrewtalFest!

Do it!

What are you waiting for!?

Why are you still here?!

-Lord & Savior – THE BEAST