Brewtal Beer Fest | Metal & Beer Event | Est. 2016

This isn't your typical beer festival! Brewtal Beer Festival is part beer festival, and part music event. James and Meg Evans established this festival in November of 2016 and wrapped up year two in September 2017, tripling our guest count.

Our team is comprised of brewers and musicians putting our passions to work. Through our vision and no BS work ethic, we have designed an event that brings communities together to create, network, and grow our respective industries. We believe that BBF is more than an annual event. It is a culture. We live and breath our work which ensures the utmost focus on detail and quality. We pride ourselves on designing a festival that is just as fun for those involved as it is for our guests.

BBF also stands out because it's not just about the beer or about the music. It's cooperative by nature as we merge bands and breweries to design unique beers specifically for this festival. It's that unique edge that keep our guests coming back for more.

BBF is held at Mr. Smalls Theatre, one of the largest music venue's in Pittsburgh, PA. BBF utilizes the entire venue for the festival. This offers guests a total experience package. Breweries, bands, and vendors are spread throughout allowing guests to always find something to do while going between stages. 

Meg Evans

Owner & Coordinator with Brewtal Beer Fest

Head Brewer with Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery - Pittsburgh

You can probably find Meg cuddling a dog. 



James Evans

Owner & Coordinator with Brewtal Beer Fest

Brewer with Spoonwood Brewing Company

Guitarist with Currently Looking for Employment

Self-described and community described sex machine


Brian Howe

Owner & Coordinator with Brewtal Beer Fest

Project Manager with Get Hip Records

MC/Producer with Sikes

Vocalist with Greywalker

Host with Start the Beat Podcast



Chad Koza

Owner & Coordinator with Brewtal Beer Fest

Assistant Store Manager with Guitar Center

Freelance Music Engineer

Drummer / Guitarist / Flutist (Okay maybe not Flutist)