Abjuration Brewing Company
Apis Mead & Winery
Arsenal Cider House & Wine Cellar
Aurochs Brewing Co.
Big Rail Brewing Company
Bone Up Brewery
Burgh'ers Brewery
Butler Brew Works
Cellar Works Brewing Co.
Dancing Gnome
East End Brewing Co.
Erie Ale Works
Full Pint Brewing Co.
Fury Brewing Co.
Grist House
Helltown Brewing Co.
Helicon Brewing Co.
Hidden River Brewing
Insurrection AleWorks
KCBC - Kings County Brewers Collective
Lavery Brewing Co.
The Leaning Cask Brewing Co.
Neshaminy Creek Brewing Co.
North Country Brewing Co.
Notch Brewing Co.
Penn Brewery
Red Star Kombucha
Rivertowne Brewery
Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery
Roundabout Brewing Co.
Singlecut Beersmiths
Spoonwood Brewing Co.
Strange Roots
Voodoo Brewing Co.
Wigle Whiskey
Yards Brewing

Weyerbacher x Dying Fetus
Rivertowne Brewing x Incantation
Spoonwood Brewing x Through The Eyes of the Dead
Bone Up Brewing x Black Tusk
KCBC x Gatecreeper
Fury Brewing x Genocide Pact
Erie Ale Works x Earthling
Penn Brewery x Greywalker
Abjuration Brewing x No Reason To Live
North Country Brewing Co x Riparian
Burgh'ers Brewery x Plasmid