Brewtal Beer Fest | Metal & Beer Event | Est. 2016


Brewtal Beer Fest 3
October 20th, 2018

Brewtal Beer Fest is ready to annihilate year THREE and we want YOU to be there. We are bringing BBF back to Mr. Smalls with the main stage and fun house stage melting faces as guests sample YOUR beer!

Are you new to Brewtal Beer Fest? 
This isn't your typical beer festival! Brewtal Beer Festival is a part metal concert and part beer festival. James and Meg Evans established this festival in November of 2016 and just wrapped up year two in September tripling our guest count. Our current team is comprised of brewers and musicians putting passion to work. Through our vision and no BS work ethic, we have designed an event that brings communities together to create, network, and grow our respective industries. We believe that BBF is more than an annual event. It is a culture. We live and breath our work which ensures the utmost focus on detail and quality. We pride ourselves on designing a festival that is just as fun for those involved as it is for our guests.

BBF is held at Mr. Smalls Theatre, one of the largest music venue's in Pittsburgh, PA. BBF utilized the entire venue for the festival. This offered the guests a total experience package. Breweries, bands, and vendors are spread throughout allowing guests to always find something to do while going between stages. 

We have two ticket types, Band & Beer Ticket and Band Only Ticket. The guests who opt to have a Band AND Beer ticket will be able to sample from 3PM-8:30PM. We ask that you are ready to setup by 1PM as the VIP guests will enter at 2PM. We will be setting up by 9AM, so you are free to come as early as you'd like. We have volunteers to help direct you and load you in. 

BBF stands apart from your typical beer festival or concert because we work to bring our guests the most exclusive products that we can. How do we do this?! We connect breweries and bands to create one off beers for this event. This is HUGE for not only the guests, but also the brewers and bands have a blast. Breweries are NOT obligated to collaborate, but it is an option. We've also paired headlining bands with breweries, so that's totally a potential if you're interested! We will offer a stipend of $100/Half BBL & $40/Sixth BBL or the equivalent.  

We can't forget about our bands! We work with TEN bands ranging from national acts to our favorite locals. Check out who we currently have in store:

1.) Dying Fetus
2.) Incantation
3.) Through The Eyes of The Dead
4.) Black Tusk
5.) Gatecreeper
6.) Genocide Pact
7.) Greywalker
8.) Riparian
9.) Plasmid
10.) No Reason To Live

Check out all the rad times from our first two events!

What we will provide:

  • Table - Ice - Water
  • 2 Event Passes – These are transferable if you swap out brewery representatives

  • Keg Stipend - $40/Sixtel OR $100/Half - TBD based on beer necessity

  • Hotel accommodation - for traveling breweries only

  • Pizza before the event starts


Distribution: If you are not currently distributing in the Pittsburgh, PA area; don't fret! We will work with you to find the right distributor to work with. Breweries have used this time to distribute in our area and host special events. We will help with anything we can - promotion, networking, etc..


Hotel/Lodging: We work with Comfort Inn & Suites 1100 Banksville Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15216. It's a quick 10 minute drive | zTrip | Uber | Lyft ride to the venue. We will offer lodging for the night of the event for free. If you need additional days, we will assist in coordinating with the hotel. 


Stipend: We offer $100/half barrel of beer or $40/sixtel of beer or the equivalent. We will let you know exactly how much the festival needs about a month before the event when we send our final detail email. *If your brewery has a special request for payment, please let us know. We want our breweries to be satisfied working with us, so we will accommodate however we can. 

Please fill out the following form and email your logo/approved images to

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Brewery Representative Name
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Please note if you need any equipment on-site, need any special exception on your stipend, extra passes, etc..
Traveling Breweries ONLY
This is for out of state or traveling breweries. We have many connections with distributors, so we'd like to make it as easy as possible for you to bring your beer to Pittsburgh, PA.
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Please note that this does not guarantee the collaboration of your choice, but we will do our best!