BBF is part Beer Festival and Part Music Event. Through our vision and NO BS work ethic, we have designed an event that brings industries together to create, network, and grow our respective industries.

Meg & James Evans had a vision in 2015 to bridge their work and passion at one event. They knew to do this, BBF would have to bring brewers and musicians together for more than just the event. This led to the facilitation of breweries and bands to create unique beers JUST for Brewtal Beer Fest. This is something our guests look forward to as well as those involved in the collaborations. 

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We believe that BBF is more than just an annual event. It is a culture. We live and breath our work (as brewers and musicians), which ensures the utmost focus on detail and quality that is presented not only to our guests, but also our partners. 

Our "people first" vision means that YOU come first. If our partners are satisfied with the end product, our guests are too. Our sponsor packages are customizable to our partners. Let's chat and see what we can do for you! 

We live & work by three things:
Collaborative Culture
Do It Yourself Ethos
Extreme Expectations


The guest attendance almost tripled from our first year to second. We planned for growth as we increased our venue capacity from Spirit to Mr. Smalls Theatre. Our current max capacity at Mr. Smalls Theatre reaches right around 1,000 guests between attendees, band members, brewers, and vendors. 

Guests Attendence 2016-2017

Red - Attendees | Yellow - Band Members | Blue - Brewers

BBF has a unique crowd. With having a focus on metal, we appeal to a counter-culture crowd that really breaks down into two categories. There are attendees who are just as passionate about beer as they are metal and those who are really into music, but are still learning about craft beer. BBF is creating a new niche in the craft beer drinking crowd and it's something we have embraced and are working to expand.

We are approaching two different industries - Music & Beer. Both have a high proportion of males. We have seen that our guest attendance is consistent with industry trends. All guests are over 21 years of age, as well. 

2016 Guests Demographics

Non-specific guests are assumed to be a 70/30 Men to Women split based on industry statistics.

2017 Guest Demographics

The non-specific guests are assumed at 70/30 split male to female based on industry statistics.


October 20th, 2018
Mr. Smalls Theatre & Fun House


1.) Dying Fetus
2.) Incantation
3.) Through the Eyes of the Dead
4.) Black Tusk
5.) Gatecreeper
6.) Genocide Pact
7.) Greywalker
8.) Riparian
9.) Plasmid
10.) No Reason To Live


Abjuration Brewing Company
Apis Mead & Winery
Arsenal Cider House & Wine Cellar
Big Rail Brewing Company
Bone Up Brewery
Cellar Works Brewing Co.
Dancing Gnome
East End Brewing Co.
Full Pint Brewing Co.
Fury Brewing Co.
Helltown Brewing Co.
Insurrection AleWorks
KCBC - Kings County Brewers Collective
The Leaning Cask Brewing Co.
Neshaminy Creek Brewing Co.
North Country Brewing Co.
Notch Brewing Co.
Penn Brewery
Rivertowne Brewery
Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery
Roundabout Brewing Co.
Singlecut Beersmiths
Spoonwood Brewing Co.
Strange Roots
Wigle Whiskey



Triblive - June 2018

Metal Injection - July 2017

Breaking Brews Podcast - August 2017

Metal Sucks - September 2016

Start The Beat - September 2016

Epicast - Drinking Partners - October 2016

Over A Couple Of Beers - October 2016


In 15+ years of playing in bands, I can’t think of a festival that I’ve played that was more professionally run and organized while at the same time being extremely fun and welcoming. We didn’t feel like we were just an act playing in someone else’s festival, they made us feel like an actual part of it, and part of their family. If we were able to play it every year I would gladly clear my schedule with no questions asked to be able to do so.
-Chris Fox - See You Next Tuesday

Brewtal Beer Fest fantastically smashes two niches together and creates a unique vibe that’s a blast for both performers and attendees. I loved being able to walk around, try new beverages, speak with the brewers, and learn about the signature craft brew collaborations that were done with the different bands and breweries involved. When I needed a break from the main concert hall, I could browse the breweries in the side rooms, and stumble upon another mini-venue within the venue offering even more bands. The food and beverage choices were great. A smoking patio was nice for those that partake (don’t have to roam around on the streets/sidewalks below), and the VIP Balcony upstairs overlooking the main stage was a great way to get a killer view without being shoulder-to-shoulder with those on the main floor.

As a performer, I was very impressed with the production aspect. Advancing and communication was smooth and clear complete with parking maps, site maps, and instructions. When we arrived, an army of loaders helped us with our gear, and the production manager gave us easy to follow instructions as far as where to check in, where to set up, and how the flow will work from the stage side of things. All the volunteers were in positive spirits, and more than happy to safely help the bands with their gear. Not once did we feel like we weren’t as important as the Headliner. Everyone took great care of us.

As a brewing collaborator, we were paired up with Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery. They were totally awesome. We drove down from Michigan about a month before the show and were able to get our hands dirty throughout the entire brewing process while blasting Thin Lizzy and sampling all of Meg’s other brews. She was great during the lead-up in determining what type of beer to brew and how to make it unique. We made lifelong friends through this experience and we couldn’t be happier. We can’t wait to see what Brewtal Beer Fest has in store for 2018!
-Andy Dalton - See You Next Tuesday

The true definition of a top notch festival. The Brewtal Beer Fest melds two of my favorite things, metal and craft beer, seamlessly into a well oiled festival style setting. Over 30 breweries, 2 stages and a dozen local and national musical acts in the heart of Pittsburgh, PA. We would perform at this festival again for free, or for beer tickets!
-Chris “OJ” Ojeda - Byzantine

“This probably sounds corny, but honestly the Brewtal Beer fest was one of the best days of my entire life. Seeing all the Brewers, musicians, metal heads, vendors, and service industry folks come together really made me realize that Pittsburgh has a strong, fun, friendly, artistic, talented community that we should all be proud of. Everyone involved seemed to have an amazing time and I can’t wait for next year’s event because I know it’ll will be even bigger and exciting. Even if you aren’t a metal head (which many people who attended the inaugural event weren’t) you are going to have a great time.”
-Evan Thorsen, Greywalker-

“I honestly never had as much fun at a beerfest as I had at Brewtal. And I’m not just saying that because Greywalker threatened me. Oh, and did I mention how much I like Greywalker? Those guys are the best.”
-Steve Ilnicki, Spoonwood Brewing Company-

“This was one of the most well organized festivals that I’ve participated in–easy load-in, welcoming people, delicious food, tons of local beer, great conversations, and METAL! I had a blast! Can’t wait for next year!”
-Kelly Del Greco, Spooky Kelly-

“It’s really hard to sum up in one or two sentences. Everything about Brewtal was so awesome – the in your face metal, the beer, that amazing lightshow, the community of people, the food! It was seriously a kickass time. I won’t miss one!”
-Becky Floyd, Attendee-

“As a beer lover and metalhead, I absolutely loved Brewtal Beer Fest. A good concert is awesome in itself, but when the bands have been working with brewers to create beer to go with the music? That, my friends, is epic. ”
-Ron Gastgeb, Metal head, Beer lover, and Brew the Museum of Beer Volunteer-

“Craft brew enthusiasts and metal heads alike share an immense passion for what they do. To be part of something that marries beer and metal so perfectly feels better than the culmination of holding your new born child, being cured of blindness by divine intervention and burying your arch nemesis alive. I’m not one to wax poetic but Brewtal Beer Fest is the best thing to happen to Pittsburgh since Mario Lemieux was drafted by the Pens. Brewtal looks down on humankind and from its zenith, it smiles, sharing its all consuming warmth with the masses. If you don’t want to be a part of that, then fuck you.”
-Ryan Cunningham, Natural Causes-

“We had a blast creating a new brew with a local brewery, hanging with the other bands, playing the event to a thirsty metal crowd, selling out of beer and making tons of new friends! The Pittsburgh Brewtal Beer Fest truly brings the scene together. We look forward to doing it again, someday!”
-Chris Roy, Vermithrax-

“Brewtal Fest was great! Local beer and local metal bands in one place. Loved the idea of the band-brewery collabs. Fun environment even for volunteers who were working. I look forward to this year’s.”
-Travis Floyd, Attendee/Carson Street Deli-

“The best of local metal and local brew. Brewtal fest is brutally awesome. Mashing brews and moshing metal what more could you ask for?”
-Steven Crist, Penn Brewery-

“If the first year was any indication, Brewtal Beer Fest is quickly turning into a paramount event in Pittsburgh. Bands and Brewers will be lining up to be a part of it, and beer and music lovers will be wondering when they’ll be able to get tickets. Everyone who knew Greywalker was involved keeps asking when the next one will be!”
-Joey Solak, Greywalker-

“At other events, breweries bring a boatload of been-there flagship beers that can be found at any bar with room in the cooler and Top 40 on the juke. At Brewtal, you can expect exclusive beers that will make your tastebuds mosh–the brews last year ran circle pits around normality!”
-Lee Floyd, Attendee-



We believe in showcasing mind-blowing metal bands & craft breweries each industry has to offer. 

Before during and after the festival, your brand will be intimately associated with everything BBF and will gracefully accompany all of the promotional materials. Your contribution will go toward so many great things that help make BBF a success like: band & brewery stipends, travel expenses, merchandise, marketing, and so much more. 

You’ll also have access to every aspect of the venue during the festival, the VIP lounge, and surprise events. Aside from being meaningfully associated with Pittsburgh's most unique beer festival, what will you receive out of it? Here’s what we look forward to offering you:




So you want to help out support Pittsburgh's most unique beer festival but don’t have the means to go all out?

This sponsorship package is for you!

Silver Partners will help ensure BBF’s success. Your brand will be intimately associated with everything BBF related and will gracefully accompany most of the promotional materials. Your partnership will go towards all aspects of the festival from paying bands and brewers to covering glassware and turning Mr. Smalls Theatre into our playground for the day.

In exchange for your contribution, your company will receive the following perks:




So you have something rad to sell to our guests?! AWESOME! We'd love to have you. Please contact us below to set up a time to discuss all our vendor opportunities. 

Interested in being a sponsor too?! For an upgradeable fee of $150 you will get all the great perks of being a Community Silver Sponsor. AND it saves you $50.

$100+ - Vendor Fee


There are so many aspects to creating a festival that have to be addressed like where are our out of town bands and brewers staying? Or, who's printing our shirts, banners, or glassware? Or who can help market our products? Does your business offer a product or service that might help us make BBF a success? We want to work with you! Let us talk about how we can partner for BBF 2018!

Please note that this map will be updated as vendors come on board. Note 1 or 2 requested locations in the chance your requested spot is already taken.
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Once you decide on the sponsor tier, we will invoice you. We require 50% down upon sign-up and the remaining 50% one month from the festival (September 20th).

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