Brewtal Beer Fest | Metal & Beer Event | Est. 2016


Brewtal Beer Fest 3
October 20th, 2018

It is our mission to always go over the top and bring more and more badass beer and music to our guests each year. Check out the Press Release & Approved Assets for Brewtal Beer Fest 3.

We have more in store for BBF3. We will be releasing additional information in July & August including details on Band x Brewery collaborations and our kick-off event.


Brewtal Beer Fest
November 6th, 2016

The inaugural Brewtal Beer Fest took place November 6th, 2016 at Spirit Lodge. The headlining act was Child Bite with local support from Greywalker, Vermithrax, Dethlehem, World's Scariest Police Chases, and Natural Causes.

Greywalker x Penn Brewery
Vermithrax x Spoonwood Brewery
World's Scariest Police Chases x Rock Bottom Brewery
Natural Causes x East End Brewing Co.
Dethlehem x Apis Mead & Winery

Five of our six bands collaborated with local breweries to create unique beers for our guests. These collaborations went head-to-head as our guests voted on their favorite. The winner took home a Brewtal WWE Style Belt, bragging rights and a chance to come back the following year. Greywalker & Penn Brewery won.

We hosted a total of 15 breweries, offering over 30 beers.


Brewtal Beer Fest 2
September 9th, 2017

Going in to planning year two, the coordinating team knew that they had set a bar for themselves. It was go big or go home. With that in mind, they brought in bigger breweries, bigger bands and of course bigger venue. Zippo came on to present Baroness as the headlining band at Mr. Smalls Theatre AND Funhouse. That's right! BBF took over the ENTIRE venue, hosting 10 bands on two stages. This worked out more than the team could have imagined. Breweries were set up ALL OVER along with the bands performing and some amazing vendors. Black Forge Coffee House hosted a pop-up coffee shop & video game arcade in the War Room (basement) of the venue. This wasn't just another event, this was an experience.

Keeping with the spirit of collaboration, Baroness teamed up with DC Brau to create a special beer for BBF. In addition Fit For An Autopsy, Byzantine, and See You Next Tuesday were accompanied by local support Greywalker, Vicitms of Contagion, Post Mortal Possession, Solar Burn, Video Tapes, and Dethlehem.

BBF host 30 breweries, doubling the first year with over 65 unique beers being offered. Collaborations were as follows:

Baroness x DC Brau
Fit For An Autopsy x Helltown
See You Next Tuesday x Rock Bottom Brewery
Greywalker x Penn Brewery & Maggies Farm Rum
Victims of Contagion x Spoonwood
Post Mortal Possession x Lavery
Solar Burn x Helicon & Full Pint
Video Tapes x Church Brew Works
Dethlehem x Rivertowne

Greywalker took home the official BBF WWE style belt as a guest favorite.