October 20, 2018 3PM-10PM (Doors at 2PM)

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What we will provide:

  • Table

  • 4 Event Passes – These are transferable if you swap out vendor representatives.

  • Pizza/Food before the event starts

Loading Details

Find your business name on the list below for loading details.

You may access Evergreen St. directly from 28 South, but also from Lincoln Ave. Look for signs on the road because you’ll have to get onto Evergreen St. for either loading zone. Zone 2 has a turnaround and Zone 1 will have temporary loading. Please park your vehicle AFTER you unload.

Please have your table set up AT THE LATEST 1:30PM. Doors are at 2PM, so we may see some guests early.

Re-entry is allowed.


Load In: 9:00AM-1:30PM
Doors: 2:00PM
Bands Start: 3:00PM
Stop Pouring (Breweries): 9:00PM (When Dying Fetus starts)
Load Out: If you’re in the Fun House/Outside/Great Hall/Balcony you may load out at 9:00PM. If you’re on the theatre floor, please wait until Dying Fetus is done to load out.


Meg - 724-993-3673

James - 716-708-2000


Zone 1:

Black Forge Coffee House (War Room)
Pittsburgh Retro-Gaming (War Room)

Zone 2:

Allegheny City Farms
First Sip Brew Box
Hop Hedz
Kyklops Tattoo
Burning Stone Apparel
Black Market Beef
Witchy Shadows

Please sign the form below confirming your received this information and have read through it.